how to find the best tattoo artist in Jakarta, Indonesia | Helpful tips for you |

how to find the best tattoo artist in Jakarta, Indonesia | Helpful tips for you |

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Hi, this is Krish Lama ( tattoo artist) at Lucky Lamz Tattoo.

I am a professional tattoo artist who is certified by the INDONESIAN SUBCULTURE (alliance of the professional tattooist in Indonesia) as well as certified from SKINMOTION / Soundwave tattoos, California, USA.


Many foreigners who came to Indonesia to get tattoos were not so happy because of the poor quality tattoo artwork and Hygiene. This might be the reason because they were looking for a good tattoo with a low budget or maybe the tattoo artists who made their tattoo was not well experienced.

Getting a Good Tattoo

In this blog, I will Explain you about getting a good tattoos and choosing the right tattoo artists. Most of the people think tattoo is very cheap in Indonesia which is absolutely not true.

“Chinese products are cheap but the Chinese artworks are one of the expensive artwork in the world”. Likewise, the best and the good tattoos are not cheap in Indonesia as well. Indonesia is rich in art and culture. So, please read this blog and make sure you get the most of it.

best tattoo artist Jakarta Indonesia

Yes, it is true ! everyone can tattoo but not everyone can be the best tattoo artist.

Tattooing is a very simple and easy process in the eye of a beholder. Everyone can tattoo when you see the tattoo artist is tattooing.

Finding a best tattoo artist in Jakarta, Indonesia is not as hard as finding a gado gado (a traditional Indonesian food – mixed vegetable with peanut butter sauce). You can find a lots of tattoo artist in jakarta where on streets as well as in Malls & apartments. The number of tattoo artist in Indonesia has drastically increased since 2015. 

So, finding a best tattoo artist in Jakarta will be a tougher job because of the competition.

Why Competition?

In order to attract customers, some tattoo artists, they use the fake portfolio. They download or screenshot the artwork done by the other tattoo artist and they promote it through media social. In this way, they get customers usually from the media socials.
But the good tattoo artist in Jakarta, They are not really active in promoting their business. They just upload their artwork in their fan-pages and they get likes, good comments, shares and even good recommendation. In this way, the good artist are doing really good in Indonesian Tattoo Industry.

How to find a best tattoo artist in Jakarta, Indonesia?

You can find the best tattoo artist in Indonesia or Jakarta is by browsing in google. The keyword is “tattoos near me or tattoos in Jakarta”.

Then you can check the rating of the tattoo studios. You can even check their fan pages or Instagram to view their artwork. please review their artwork carefully. The colouring, the shadings, the layout, linings and everything. When you are done checking everything, make sure to ask for a consultation with the tattoo artists. The tattoo consultation is free of cost with the professional tattooist. Ask him/her if you can pass by his tattoo studio for a tattoo consult. If the tattoo artist asks you money for a consultation, then ignore him/her because they are commercial. A commercial tattoo artist can never give a satisfying result.

Things to remember when you a get a Tattoo consultation.

Attitude of the tattoo artist

Some tattoo artists really have bad attitude with the customer. They never listens to their customer. They always wants the customer to listen them instead of listening to the customer. Every time the tattoo artist is trying to very smart in his job. This means, the tattoo artist can’t work according to your designs or your desire.

The Tattoo Studio

Make sure to check the tattoo studio properly. I mean, Hygiene and SOP. some tattoo studios are creepy and very uncomfortable. Make sure you are comfortable with the SOP (standard operational procedure). Please check the facilities provided by the tattoo studio as well, such as WIFI services, Parking Areas, Lobby (optional) etc.

Check Portfolio 

You have already checked the portfolio of the tattoo artist from his fan pages or social medias. So in this case, you can ask him or her several questions about experience or SOP.


Language plays a vital role in Tattoo. If you are foreigner, then the most commonly used language is English. Make sure the tattoo artists understands you fully. If he doesn’t understands you, then you will not get what you were looking for. Make sure you are 100% synchronized with the tattoo artist. Making a meaningful tattoos need a good communication.

Price :

The tattoo price in Indonesia is more cheaper compared to EUROPE and US. The good and the professional tattoo artist in Jakarta is quite expensive. Like an old saying ” GOOD TATTOOS ARE NOT CHEAP AND CHEAP TATTOOS ARE NOT GOOD”.

This applies everywhere in the world. You will get what you pay for it. So, not in Jakarta or Indonesia, you are paying the art, not the colour of the skin or the race. A good tattoo is worth to pay coz this remains for life time.

I think this is enough for you to get a good tattoos in Jakarta. I hope this article on ” how to find the best tattoo artist in jakarta” helps you. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and families who intend to tattoo anywhere in the world. This article not only applies in Indonesia, it applies everywhere in the world.

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