looking for a soundwave tattoo artist in Bali?

Are you looking for a soundwave tattoo in Bali? If yes, then we have a soundwave tattoo artist available in Bali and all region in Indonesia.
soundwave tattoo bali
To become a soundwave tattoo artist is not as easy as you think. You need a good experience about tattoos, hygiene, SOP and lots more.
Soundwave tattoo is a new generation tattoo where we bring tattoos into life. Your expressions, love, emotions etc can now be kept inside the tattoo. This way, we keep memories more alive.

Short Introduction about our Soundwave Tattoo Artist

best tattoo artist Jakarta, IndonesiaKrish Lama is one of the Tattoo artists selected worldwide for the Soundwave tattoos. He is the first tattoo artist in Indonesia who introduces the Soundwave tattoos. He is born and raised in Nepal. You can find him in the Soundwave tattoos™ Tattoo artist directory worldwide. He is approved and well trained by the Skin Motion™ company.
You can find our artist’s tattoo artwork in our Instagram or in the tattoo gallery.

How to make an appointment with the Soundwave Tattoo artist?

You can just send us an email or simply whatsapp. We will book it for you and we will let you know everything via message.
+62 89506097205 is the whatsapp

Wanting to make an appointment for soundwave tattoo in Bali?

here are the things to know before you make an appointment for the soundwave tattoo in Bali with us.
Please note:
We do not have a permanent tattoo studio in Bali. But we do have lots of colleagues in Bali who are running their tattoo studios and normally we tattoo in their studios.
So, we are not available everyday in Bali. We do a very special appointments and we have to arrange everything. So, making an appointment for soundwave tattoo is not really easy.
the minimum appointments for a soundwave tattoo is 5 people. Or else, we are not flying to Bali. The expenses are too high to afford to tattoo a single person. So, we wait until we get 5 person to get a soundwave tattoo.

“If you are in a hurry, you can fly to Jakarta. We are open everyday from 10 am to 10pm”

All appointments require a deposit, we cannot book or reserve you any time without one.
If you can’t make it to the studio to leave a deposit we can accept a cheque or bank transfers.
(if you transfer through bank, you should send a letter with your details so we can contact you with your appointment dates)tattoos in Jakarta, Indonesia
The amount of deposit required for a soundwave tattoo is 150$.
All deposits are non refundable or transferable to anyone else, they are to make sure you turn up and aren’t wasting our time and our expenses in bali.
If you wish to rearrange your appointment, you must inform us with at least 2 weeks notice prior to your appointment date to transfer the deposit to your new appointment, This can be done via email or facebook, whatsapp.
Less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation will result in loss of deposit and another will be required to book back in.
Failure to turn up without notice requires full payment of the missed appointment before any more work can continue and the remainder of your appointments will be cancelled.

Do you need an appointment for a consultation?

No you dont, the people who are wanting to make a soundwave tattoos should have their soundwave tattoo stencil ready. You can send us your soundwave tatttoo stencil to consult with us, if incase you are looking for a custom design.
more info >> Send me an email or Click here

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