Soundwave Tattoo Designs – Custom Tattoo ideas for Soundwave Tattoos

With all due respect, I would like to contribute a free custom soundwave tattoo designs for people willing to modify their soundwave tattoo in an artistic way. Never let people bored by your tattoos.
Most of the people are confused with their soundwave tattoo design. It looks just plain and have no artistic look.
It is true that we are not looking for artistic look as long as our memories stays there.
But, don’t be wrong, the art of tattoo is moving beyond our imagination. Therefore, We still can do our soundwave tattoos in an artistic way with our sounds in it. Trust me, We can do it and we can bring tattoos to another level of tattooing where Art meets Life.
So, If you are planning to get a custom soundwave tattoos where you want your tattoos to look cool, then copy the text below and fill up the simple form and send it to me via email.
Name :
Tattoo voice : eg, “MY GRANDMAMA’S LAST WORDS”
Tattoo Theme : eg. geometric, oriental, new/oldschool, darksides, biomechanics, tribal, maori..etc.
Position of the Tattoo: eg, Lower hand, arms, shoulders, belly. please send me the photo of the area that you want to tattoo. (optional). This will help you to preview your tattoo before you get the real one.
Size : ( you can resize after you get the design)
Color : applies ONLY for soundwave stencil (no soft colors)
1. an illustration of your soundwave tattoo, if you emailed me your photo.
2. Original design in .JPEG or .PDF. (possibilities 1 to 5 designs). It is not compulsory you apply my tattoo designs. You can take it as a reference or you can request your tattoo artist to upgrade or modify.
Thank you so much for taking an interests in Soundwave tattoos.
Skinmotion Tattoo Artist – Krish Lama (Indonesia)
I hope this post can help you to get some soundwave tattoo design ideas for soundwave custom tattoos.
Illustrations and sample designs

soundwave tattoo custom design soundwave tattoo custom design soundwave tattoo design 2

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