A short Biography of our Tattoo artist in Jakarta – Krish Lama

Getting a tattoo is easy, But knowing your tattoo artist is very hard esp. a certified and professional tattooist in Jakarta. Lucky Lamz tattoo studio is glad to introduce our tattoo artist Krish lama who has been in the tattoo industry since long time.

Krish Lama is one of the Professional Certified Tattoo Artists in Indonesia and is also selected worldwide for the Sound-wave tattoos by Skin Motion. He is the first tattoo artist in Indonesia to introduce the Sound-wave tattoos. He is born and raised in Nepal.

Best tattoo artist jakarta, Indonesia
Tattoo artist / Lucky Lamz Tattoo

He started his apprenticeship in 2005, and in 2007 began tattooing in many parts of the world. In 2010, He started his own Tattoo Shop in Jakarta, Indonesia permanently. His style of tattooing is versatile and 75 % of his Customers are Oriental based. His preferred style of tattooing is Oriental Based, 3 Dimensional art and realism. However, Krish isn’t limited to just that and is well versed in all types of tattooing.

You can find him in the Sound-wave tattoos™ Tattoo artist directory worldwide. He is approved and well trained by the Skin Motion™ company.

“You should know more about the tattoo artist before you get a new tattoo”

Krish lama has a good experience in tattooing and he is committed to providing the best tattoo results to his clients. Krish Lama has been serving a lot of foreign clients and the local clients and is popular among the people in Indonesia where by many people appreciate Krish Lama’s different styles of tattooing.

You can find his artwork in his social medias or in the website’s tattoo gallery. 

Witness the tattoo artwork here

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Share this information with your friends or families, This information might help them to find the right tattoo artists. It is not a compulsory to choose our tattoo artist (krishlama) but we are just trying to share our tattoo artist’s background. So If you think you can accept your tattoos forever, then go ahead and find the right tattoo artist. Tattooing is not a joke and never play with tattoos, this lasts forever. So, Never regret.

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