travel tattoo ideas for backpackers

Hey Backpackers and travelers,
Today i am gonna share about travel tattoo ideas for backpackers and travelers.
Welcome to luckylamztattoo’s blog where i will be sharing you some of the good travel tattoo ideas for travelers and backpackers. Before we start, we would like to talk about the travel tattoos that we often see  in travelers and backpackers are, not more than a map of the world, compass, mountains, rivers, blah blah which symbolizes a kind of travel tattoos and that’s so common in tattoos.

But it’s a good way to express yourself with travel tattoos and I love seeing the travelers and backpackers tattoos and their stories inside the travel tattoos.IMG 20180211 205141 326
Now, everything has changed and we should bring up some new travel tattoo ideas for travelers and backpackers so that it might represent something and can be easily go on with every travelers and backpackers by the symbol of this travel tattoo.
It’s kinda game changing travel tattoos for travelers and backpackers. I guarantee you 100% about the new travel tattoo ideas that will change the travelers and backpackers life into a new world of travelling where you get the fullest amount of enjoyment. So, this might encourage more people to travel as well, rather than sitting in the internet and chatting for nothing. 🙂
Are you wondering about travel tattoo ideas for travelers and backpackers? If yes, then I have a good travel tattoo ideas for all the travelers and the backpackers of the world.
I as a tattooist in Lucky Lamz Tattoo studio was once a backpacker f
or 9 years. I did this concept because I with my fellow teams had the same problem. We were not brave enough to do it. But now, you people don’t have to worry about that problem. Your travel tattoo can symbolizes your problem and you can easily solve it without hesitating. That’s the travelers and backpackers key. Just show it off your tattoo and Done!
there are many who did it, But nobody’s gonna tell you about it. Why? because its a code of ethic and we don’t want to ruin our travel tattoo symbol
and our travelers and backpapers reputation. whoever has it, knows it, and once you get it, You are not allowed to say it, JUST KEEP THE SECRET, that’s your weapon for traveling and you can get the most out of it.
BELIEVE ME, that has worked since then and now.
if you want a design just mail me @
i will sent you a design for free and give you the key to the new world of traveling. 🙂
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THE MAIN DESIGN is “FF” … add FF in your travel tattoo designs and travel. 😀
show it to your traveler or backpacker friends and if they have one, that’s gonna be more fun.
That’s the KEY, you get fullest to your journey.
IT’S IMG 20180211 204922 993A MUST HAVE travel tattoo for a traveler and a backpacker.
write me up for more information… we have around 2000 tattoos in records worldwide and it’s growing crazy. Hope you are one of them.

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